Sakura Cross Hotel

★ Open date: February 2018 ★
Ueno where the colorfulness of the capital and unique culture are comfortable, Akihabara
Asakusa touches the beauty of downtown and the beautiful history
I hope you feel the history of Tokyo, the tradition and the glamor of the city.

It is not a room that's just like a hotel, but a one-room type room as if you came back to your room
All the rooms are equipped with separate shower and toilet so you can use it without worrying about it.
Up to 6 people including double and twin, including sofa bed
We also have rooms for you to stay.
In addition, there are some maisonette type rooms, so you can divide your living space from the upper floor and the lower floor.
Of course you can use it by two people, such as a single journey or a couple or couple,
It is also recommended for more than 3 girls' trips and men's journeys.
Sakura Cross Hotel Iriya allow accommodation set in Tokyo, 1.6 km from Sensoji Temple and 2.9 km from Tokyo Skytree.
The hotel is in a quiet residential area. As it is newly built, it is a very beautiful room.
There is a hotel in about 5 minutes on foot from JR Uguisudani. There are convenience stores and supermarkets nearby, and it is very convenient hotel.
Regarding meals, Japanese traditional buckwheat noodles, sushi, eel, there are various.